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The business is situated on the West Rand and occupies factory space in excess of 15,000sqm. Apart from being a fabric wholesale and distribution business, the company also possesses various Intellectual Processes and retains the ability to provide the following specialised textile finishing services:



Coating and laminating are increasingly important techniques for adding value to textiles. Coating and lamination enhance and extend the range of functional performance properties of textiles. Cheaper fabric structures may be coated or laminated to provide higher added value to end-users and higher profit margins to manufacturers. The coating formulation with different textile grade polymer like PVC, PU, acrylic, PTFE are hugely used to make a textile product with multipurpose way like- waterproof protective clothing, tarpaulin, protective clothing, electrical insulation etc. 



Embossing is the process whereby a new dimension is added to any surface, which can be pressed upon. This new raised dimension could be a design, pattern, lettering, logo, seal or anything at all. The surface could be anything on which you can press and leave an impression.  


Transfer Printing 

Textile printing is the process of applying colour to fabric in definite patterns or designs. In printed fabrics the colour is bonded with the fibre, so as to resist washing and friction. Textile printing is related to dyeing but in dyeing properly the whole fabric is uniformly covered with one colour, whereas in printing one or more colours are applied to it in certain parts only, and in sharply defined patterns. 


Cornely Embroidery 

Cornely embroidery is a process whereby a sewing machine or embroidery machine is used to create a loopy pattern on the hem of a sheer fabric. It is widely used in residential households as well as hotels etc. The name Cornely has been registered by Loomcraft and is a registered trade mark in South Africa. 


Chemical Finishing


Chemical treatments may be applied to cotton, polycotton, polyester, polyviscose fabrics etc to produce low flammability, waterproofing, crease resist, anti-static, anti-microbial, acid and other special finishing effects. Crease-Resist finish or "wash-and-wear" or "wrinkle-free" finishes are achieved by the addition of a chemical resin finish that makes the fibre take on a quality similar to that of synthetic fibres.

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